Powerful Parent Letter Against CPS Special Education Cuts

We are sharing a very powerful letter from a CPS parent regarding special ed cuts at her school. She sent this to her Alderman, State Representative, and State Senator. We have removed identifying information.

Dear Alderman _____ / Representative _____ / Senator _____,


As a parent at _____ School, I have always felt you had the students' best interest at heart.  I thank you for all of your advocacy for the kids of Chicago and in your ward in particular.


The League of Women Voters of Chicago Supports a Charter School Moratorium in Chicago

The League of Women Voters of Chicago testified at the unelected CPS Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. We received the below email from them the next day.


In the interests of good government and governance, I want you to have the testimony that was given to the CPS Board of Ed yesterday by the Chair of the Chicago League of Women Voters Education Committee.  It provides a somewhat different analysis of charter schools.


Two RYH Moms Fight the Special Education Cuts at the Unelected BOE Meeting- 9/29/15

You can find both statements in their entirety below.

Laurie Viets- You can also find her statement in this article in the Chicago Sun Times.

My name is Laurie Viets I am the parent of three children who attend Beard Elementary -a Chicago specialty school for children with Special needs.


My oldest child, Canyon, is Autistic and is OBSESSED with shipwrecks, particularly the Titanic. In our world it is all Titanic all the time. 

RYH Unelected BOE Statements- 9/29/15

Wendy Katten, our Director, and Deb Hass, a RYH Board Member, both signed up to speak at the September 29, 2015 unelected CPS Board of Education meeting. Both registered as speaking for Raise Your Hand. Wendy's registered topic was "Funding" and Deb's registered topic was "Support for Neighborhood Schools."

Top 10 Reasons Why Chicago Needs an Elected Board of Education

On August 6, 2015, Representative Martwick filed HB4268. This Bill would change IL law and allow Chicago to have an elected representative school board. Currently, this Bill has 44 sponsors.


Statement from North Side NAC re: Intrinsic Charter

We received the below information from a member of the North Side Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC). Each NAC is hosting a public community meeting next week. The North Side NAC's meeting is Wednesday, August 12, from 6:00-8:00pm, unless Intrinsic withdraws their proposal as the NAC requested. 


The statement was signed by 24 members of the NAC (unofficial count of participants is 30).


NAC Community Meetings: Next Week!- UPDATED

UPDATED on Monday, August 10:

On Thursday, August 6, CPS put out this press release with information on the NAC Community meetings hosted during this current week. 


Here's the information you need on these meetings:

CPS Students for an Elected, Representative School Board

Charles Kotrba is a rising senior at Whitney Young, and a member of Chicago Students Union, an entirely student run organization dedicated to representing the CPS student voice.

Recently, Charles gave a soap box speech in Daley Plaza and explained how the
appointed CPS Board of Education is harmful and why CPS needs an elected board.


You can watch the speech here.


CPS Budget Informational Meetings Monday Night, 7/20/15

LSC Members received the following email and the attached documents regarding Budget Informational Meetings. There are three total meetings, happening at the same time, this Monday night from 6-7:30,

Dear  LSC Members, 

As a reminder, with the release of the 2015-2016 budget allocations to schools, the CPS Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will be conducting three budget informational sessions on:

                                           Monday, July 20, 2015

RYH Survey: 2015-16 CPS Budget Cuts

As we’ve done in the past, we’ve created a survey to collect information on school-level budget cuts. We will not share information publicly about individual schools, so please make sure to fill this out or share with an LSC member at your school to fill out.


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