Significant Accomplishments

  • Sent over 150,000 emails to Illinois legislators in 2010, which played a critical role in halting a $1.3 billion budget cut.
  • Created and hosted the only mayoral candidate forum on education, December 2010
  • Successfully advocated for the return of $200 million of tax increment financing money (TIF) to CPS
  • Built consensus with CPS and CTU, developed toolkit and provided technical assistance to bring recess to more than 8,000 CPS students for the first time in decades in 2011 
  • Convened Chicago Parents for Quality Education - coalition of 16 parent/community groups from across the city working together to advocate for a better curriculum and quality day
  • Hundreds of press mentions for our work and leadership to improve parent voice, including; CNN, Huffington Post National, and the New York Times.
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