Arts by School

Chicago Neighborhoods

You can now find Information regarding arts programs in individual CPS schools at:

Ingenuity Inc., in partnership with the CPS Department of Arts Education, has collected city-wide data to map it on its ArtLook page.  The map is designed to be easily updated and you can add your school's information. The map provides two important pieces of information:

  • The presence of Certified Arts Instructors on staff at each school
  • The presence of community arts partnerships at each school

At this point, there is a very wide variation in arts programming available at the 675 elementary schools in the CPS system. In part, this variation may be due to the fact that parents have had to aggressively fundraise or seek out grants to support arts programming at their schools.  

The current map does not include whether various arts programs are funded by grants, parents, the district, or other. It would also be interesting to see how many arts teachers are on staff at various schools. Such information could be added in the future. 

For now, the Artlook map is a good start and provides important information that can facilitate CPS's improvement of its arts curriculum in order to better prepare students for college and beyond.