7 Days Until School Starts. Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

7 Days Until School Starts: Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

As we’ve stated, there is $162 million in cuts to traditional schools and an increase to charters of $85million

In addition to the:

90 positions cut in HS English

22  HS Social Studies

37 HS History

28 HS Librarians

21 HS Biology

6 HS Chemistry

3 HS Physics

10 HS Computer Ed

50 HS Math


68 elementary schools that lost an art position

47  elems music

22  elems technology; and

51 elem librarians

11 Days Until School Starts: Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

In addition to the:

68 elem schools that cut a music position;

42 HS that cut 86 English positions;

51 elem schools that cut a librarian;

28 HS that cut a librarian;

47 elem schools that cut a music position; and

37 HS Science positions that were cut…

These Elementary Schools lost a Technology position:

12 Days Until School Starts: Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

12 Days until school starts: Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

In addition to the 68 elementary schools that lost an art position and the 42 high schools that lost 86 English positions, the 51 elementary and 28 high schools that lost librarian positions,  below are the elementary schools that lost a CPS funded music position and High Schools that lost a Biology and Chemistry position:

Elementary schools that lost a music position:

14 Days Until School Starts: Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

The city has options to help restore funding to our schools and it is unclear if they will do so with only two weeks left before school starts. Cuts to basic programs at CPS are staggering and we will be highlighting program cuts for the next two weeks looking at an elementary and HS programs each day.

We have been advocating together for a TIF surplus all summer and so far the Mayor has given no indication that he will return any of the unallocated TIF funds, which is property tax money that has been diverted from the schools and other taxing bodies.

Statement at Truman College Budget Hearing

Several RYH members spoke at the 1 Aug. budget hearing at Truman College. Here is the statement that was delivered on behalf of RYH, or what could be said in the 2 minutes allotted to speakers: 

A budget is a set of priorities and from this budget CPS has clearly decided that traditional neighborhood public schools are not a priority. 

CPS- Draft Performance Policy

CPS uses a Performance Policy Metric to assign schools a level rating and make decisions about probation and school actions.  Attached is the latest draft of the revised CPS Performance Policy, which is likely to be voted on at the August Board meeting.  We are meeting with CPS today to offer feedback (see comments below). Please share any thoughts that you have on this. :

Raise Your Hand Comments on Draft CPS Performance Policy

Budget Hearings - 8/1 and 8/2

This week CPS presented their budget at the BOE meeting and put info on the budgets online:


Despite CPS claims that cuts have been kept from the classroom and programs have been protected such as the Full School Day, we did some quick crunching of the numbers and found 92 schools lost an art position, 54 schools lost a music position, 58 schools lost a PE position, 40 schools lost a librarian, and so on and so forth.  Many schools never had these positions to cut in the first place.

Devastating cuts: 2,085 more teachers/employees laid off at CPS

Raise Your Hand is disgusted to learn that Chicago Public schools has laid off another 2000 teachers and staff  bringing the total number of layoffs for the year to 3500.  This news lies in stark contrast to the ongoing CPS rhetoric to minimize any impact of budget cuts on the classroom.  Now CPS is claiming that there will be "winners and losers."  Even if a few schools have been spared from these widespread and severe cuts, we believe that there are only losers in this scenario. 


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