RYH article in Catalyst - "Will the Real Parents Please Stand Up?"

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Now that the strike is over and parents, students and teachers are finally settling into the routine of the school year, many parents we talk to are wondering what will change in terms of how policies are shaped at the district level at Chicago Public Schools. The blogosphere is abuzz from East Coast to West with opinions on the value and meaning of this strike. Tomorrow, our teachers in Chicago will vote on whether or not to ratify the contract.

Voices in Public Ed Reform - Part 2

A few days ago we wrote to you about radio and television ads sponsored by outside interest groups that have been airing for many months.  Many of you emailed us back with questions and comments. Here’s a link to the Chicago Tonight interview that we referenced. Watch this important conversation with Bruce Rauner, one of the leaders in the education “reform” community in Chicago, Please take five minutes to watch this.


War: The Best Route to Public Schools?

Parents have been emailing us for a few weeks asking us how someone got a hold of their personal cell phone numbers and email addresses. As Jill Wohl explained in her blog, “What happens in CPS stays in CPS,” the group that invited parents to a rally during the strike was an arm of the national group, Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), started by hedge-fund managers and charter-school operators in New York. We have no idea how they obtained personal information of parents. 

Jonathan Kozol discussion and book signing this Thursday 9/27

Come hear renowned author Jonathan Kozol discuss his new book, "Fire in the Ashes: Twenty Five Years Amongst the Poorest Children in America on 9/27. Kozol has been writing about urban education for forty-five years and is the author of many books including Amazing Grace and Savage Inequalities. He is a leading voice on the need for educational equality in our country and writes about our children who are most often left behind.   

September 27 (6pm - 8pm)

Thorne Auditorium of Northwestern University Law School

375 East Chicago Avenue


What happened this week? Where do we go from here?

Dear Parents,

What a week. What does it all mean? Why was my kid out of school? What’s going to change for the short-term and what’s going to possibly change for the long-term? What is the role of parents in all of this?  We know there are a range of opinions and questions from parents right now.  Most of us will be thrilled that our kids will likely be returning to school this week.


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