CPS Board votes on daily PE policy - we need sustainable funding

The board voted to mandate daily PE for high schools and elementary schools yesterday. Many board members expressed concern that schools would have to make cuts in other areas as CPS is also asking schools to include 2 hours of arts instruction per week for students, yet they voted on the policy. The city will be using $21 million in TIF surplus funds to hire 84 PE and 84 art teachers to cover these mandates. But CPS cut roughly 180 arts teachers alone last year and the majority of schools could not offer 2 hours of arts instruction prior to these cuts.

CPS Hearing on Charter Schools

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Wed, 01/08/2014


RYH board members Jennie Biggs and Dwayne Truss discuss the financial impact of charter expansion on neighborhood schools and charter disciplinary policies, respectively. 

Charter Expansion and Increase in Funding this Year

Charter Expansion and Impact to Public schools

As we shared last week, CPS has proposals for 31 charters to open over the next two years, some in areas where schools just closed for “under-utilization.” District schools were cut by roughly $100 million this year, and given that CPS faces another near-billion dollar deficit, this will have a very negative impact on district schools. The Board vote on new charters is 1/22.


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