Support the Right to Opt-Out of the ISAT

"More than a Score" issued this message today.

Parents who have opted or plan to opt your children out of the ISAT:

In light of CPS's recent instructions to principals, we want the hundreds of parents who have opted or plan to opt your children out of the ISAT to please stand strong, and we (a group of parents, teachers, and students) will continue to stand with you. 

Many of us are opting our own children out of this test as well.

Solutions for Increasing CPS Per Pupil Funding Rate

Raise Your Hand maintains that current per pupil funding levels are inadequate to provide a high-quality, well-rounded school day in an equitable manner across the city of Chicago. We are providing suggestions for the Board of Education to help put dollars back into the classroom where they are most needed. These suggestions combine a mix of cuts to Central Office and citywide offices and revenue suggestions for the local and state level.

Independent Reviews Indicate Increased Administrative Spending

Arts Survey Finds 65% of Schools Lack 2 hours of Arts per Week

In a recent survey regarding arts instruction at Chicago Public Schools, Raise Your Hand found the majority of schools are not able to offer two hours of arts instruction per week, contrary to Mayor Emanuel’s  publicly stated assurances. The web-based survey, conducted in January and February 2014 includes responses from parents and teachers representing 170 or nearly one third of CPS schools. The survey also found other grave inequities in exposure to arts instruction across Chicago.
Of 170 schools surveyed, parents say:

Want to Run for LSC? Applications Deadline Extended to 14 March


Applications are due at your school on 14 March.

Ray LSC Chair Gordon Mayer shares why Raise Your Hand members should run for LSC

Parents, school teachers & other staff, and residents in the neighborhoods around each CPS school -- you have about a week to download the forms, fill 'em out, and file to run for LSC. As the chair of William H. Ray's Local School Council and a Raise Your Hand member, here's why I think you should do it:

CPS Board approves 7 charters, rejects 11 proposals

WBEZ report:

There are 9 other charters that have already been approved for next year so as many as 16 charters could open, although it’s likely some will open in 2015. 

The 11 charter operators that were rejected can go to the IL state charter commission to appeal. These schools get higher per pupil funding rates than rest of CPS schools.

CPS Board votes on daily PE policy - we need sustainable funding

The board voted to mandate daily PE for high schools and elementary schools yesterday. Many board members expressed concern that schools would have to make cuts in other areas as CPS is also asking schools to include 2 hours of arts instruction per week for students, yet they voted on the policy. The city will be using $21 million in TIF surplus funds to hire 84 PE and 84 art teachers to cover these mandates. But CPS cut roughly 180 arts teachers alone last year and the majority of schools could not offer 2 hours of arts instruction prior to these cuts.


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