What happened this week? Where do we go from here?

Dear Parents,

What a week. What does it all mean? Why was my kid out of school? What’s going to change for the short-term and what’s going to possibly change for the long-term? What is the role of parents in all of this?  We know there are a range of opinions and questions from parents right now.  Most of us will be thrilled that our kids will likely be returning to school this week.

Memo to CPS: It’s Time to Stop Saying “Full School Day”

Dear CEO Brizard and Marketing Department at CPS:

Many parents are tired of hearing the term “full school day.” A few dozen have emailed me since yesterday that they were also irritated by the letter that you sent home via US mail (calculated postage – 3 staff positions at CPS) lauding the “full school day” and explaining your view on the potential strike. Can you put these in backpacks next time?

Childcare Options in the Event of a Strike

We still remain hopeful that the teacher's union and the city will come to an agreement before September 10th. This has been a stressful time for all parties involved and there's much uncertainty about not just whether our kids will be in school but how all stakeholders will work together in our district beyond a potential strike. The tenor and culture of this system needs vast improvement. We are certainly hoping that this school year does not bring more of the same. 

Education Tutorial at the Heartland Cafe Tonight - 7pm

School is starting and it's time to come out and get dangerously informed about CPS policies that impact our kids! Ordinary citizen Don Washington is hosting an education tutorial for Raise Your Hand at the Heartland Cafe, 7000 N. Glenwood. This is an informational, interactive, agitational and fun event for all people interested in public education in Chicago. Special guest Miguel del Valle will be speaking, too.

Tickets are $25. Hope to see you there:

Tuesday 8/28

7pm Heartland Cafe

7000 N. Glenwood

Following the August Board Meeting - Looking at the Year Ahead

Yesterday the CPS board of education passed a $5.7 billion dollar budget for school year 2012/2013. At this meeting, CEO Brizard stated that we are facing eacing a projected $3 billion dollar deficit over the next three years at CPS. In this budget, CPS increased funding to charter and contract schools by $76 million and the Portfolio Office (the Department that oversees New Schools) by 26 positions and $4.87 million dollars. At the same time, many of our neighborhood schools, especially our neighborhood high schools, received cuts once again.


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