Sun-Times reports that CPS restores $35k-$100k to 130 schools

After rejecting the budget and deep cuts initially proposed by Chicago Public Schools, Bell Elementary School voted Monday night at a special Local School Council meeting to approve a “budget of choice” that would untie their principal’s hands but still send a message to the district.

The LSC, which ultimately approves the school’s budget and oversees the principal’s spending, also said it would not spend $100,000 recently offered by CPS, saying they didn’t know where the money was coming from.

$40 Increase in HS per pupil level

CPS has increased the per pupil allocation for high schools by $40, as this letter explains.
Dear HS Principal,
We know that many of you are facing significant budget challenges this year in the wake of the District’s financial crisis. S faces a historic $1 billion deficit, and with the failure of pension reform in Springfield and three years of flat and declining revenues, this crisis has been brought to many of your doorsteps. Please know that we are using every tool we can to keep cuts as far away from our classrooms as possible so that every student can continue to experience the steady gains we have seen these past few years. While we have already cut $600 million since 2011 in central office, administrative and operations spending, and

Budget cuts/Funding - FAQs

We've been getting a lot of questions about budget cuts and potential sources of funding. Here's a quick FAQ:

What is RYH working on right now to restore budget cuts?

City-wide tif surplus return – short term

Graduated income tax campaign – long term. A new campaign launches this weekend with numerous organizations citywide. Email us if you want to learn more –

What about pensions? CPS is blaming school cuts on pension issues

What's in the TIF pot?

Thanks to Christopher Ball and Daniel La Spata for working on this post.


TIF    Projection    Reports

Total Balance    -                              Jan. 2012      $1,028,019,600

Total Property  Taxes Collected (2012-2013)    $928,254,000

Total Revenue                                                         $1,956,273,600

Current Obligations    (2012-2013) -                   $1,001,110,500

Total Revenue less Current Obligations           $955,163,100

Visit your Alderman on Ward Night - discuss the budget cuts

Attend an aldermanic ward night and share info about the budget cuts in your ward.  As you'll see, some have regular  weekly open-door meetings and some have "by appointment" only meetings. Organize a group of parents and have them visit your alderman (and also state legislators) regarding the budget cuts. 

1 Proco “Joe” Moreno
Tuesdays 4–7pm (2058 N Western Ave)

2 Robert Fioretti
Mondays 3–6pm (1319 S State St, suite A)

3 Pat Dowell
Thursdays 6–8pm (5046 S State St)

4 William Burns
Third Mondays 5–8pm (435 E 35th St)

Blaine Principal's letter to parents on Per Pupil Funding System

 This letter is on the Blaine Elementary School website. Principal Troy LaRaviere shares his view of the new budgeting system at CPS:

Edgebrook Elementary LSC Letter to BBB-and Mayor on Rejecting the draft Budget

We are sharing a letter from the Edgebrook Elementary LSC to Mayor Emanuel and CEO Byrd-Bennett explaining why they rejected the draft budget they were given. Thanks to the Edgebrook LSC for sharing this letter with us and making it available to our parent network.                                          

                                  EDGEBROOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                      LOCAL SCHOOL COUNCIL
                                          6525 N. HIAWATHA AVE.
                                             CHICAGO, IL 60646

Rally to Restore Funding: Friday 6/21- 10am

Parent Rally to Restore Funding this Friday 6/21: 10am

CPS says cuts are not severe and are mostly staying away from the classroom. Are they looking at budgets from another school district? Did school closings actually add to the deficit? We don't know because the Board had no cost accounting when they voted to close the schools.


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