CPS Hearing on Charter Schools

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Wed, 01/08/2014

RYH board members Jennie Biggs and Dwayne Truss discuss the financial impact of charter expansion on neighborhood schools and charter disciplinary policies, respectively. 

Charter Expansion and Increase in Funding this Year

Charter Expansion and Impact to Public schools

As we shared last week, CPS has proposals for 31 charters to open over the next two years, some in areas where schools just closed for “under-utilization.” District schools were cut by roughly $100 million this year, and given that CPS faces another near-billion dollar deficit, this will have a very negative impact on district schools. The Board vote on new charters is 1/22.

BBB's letter to Parents about Opting Out

On Friday, as holiday celebrations were wrapping up in our schools and teachers and students were preparing for a two week break, Principals  received a letter from CEO-Byrd Bennett to go in all backpacks urging parents not to opt-out of the NWEA test this Spring. In this letter, BBB acknowledged the right of parents to opt their kids out of testing but also warned that  if they do  their "child's future could be negatively impacted.."  It's interesting that BBB informed all parents of their right to opt out: Likely, the majority of parents in the district did not know about this.

Standardized Testing Update: MTAS meeting with CPS 12/12/13

More than a Score meeting with CPS on testing issues 12/12/13

CPS invited members of More than a Score to meet last week.  A summary of the meeting:

Present from CPS: John Barker, Chief of Accountability, Annette Gurley, Teaching/Learning, Didi Swarts, Assessment, Katie Ellis, Office of Access and Enrollment

After closing 50 schools, CPS has proposals for 31 new Charter Schools

CPS has proposals for 31 new charters in next two Years

A Fair Tax to Improve Funding for Illinois Education

What can you do to advocate for a fair tax and improved funding for education in Illinois?

1. Sign the petition online :http://www.abetterillinois.org 

Support the RYH Pledge Drive!

Dear Supporters of Strong Public Education,

As we move into the holiday season and reflect upon all the things we are thankful for, we are grateful for you, our supporters and members who advocate for strong public education in Illinois.  As you know, Raise Your Hand is a grassroots coalition of parents and concerned citizens who advocate with a powerful voice for quality public education. Today we are asking for your continued support to help strengthen our movement by making a donation to our end-of-the-year fundraising campaign.

Get Involved in a RYH Campaign this Year!

Thanks to all who came out to our forum last Wednesday to hear about the issues we are working on this year.

The Fair Tax

Raise Your Hand Fall Town-Hall Meeting

Public education advocates - join us on 11/6 for a RYH townhall on issues impacting our children, our future.  Get informed and take an active role in improving the state of public education in Chicago. 

State of the budget, the Fair Tax Campaign, break-out sessions on LSCs, Student organizing, Standardized Testing, the GatesCompact and CPS policy, and more!  

More information and free registration here.

New Physical Education Policy to Be Voted on at October Board Meeting

CPS Board to vote on New Physical Education (PE) Policy at October Board Meeting

RYH was invited to a policy briefing this week given by CPS’ Office of Student Health and Wellness and hosted by Healthy Schools Campaign. About 90 people from different community-based organizations, some PE teachers and vendors were in attendance.

Currently, CPS is not in compliance with Illinois School Code 105 ILCS 5/27 -6 which requires that students receive daily PE in both elementary and high school.