John W.Garvy Elementary

Our neighborhood school, John W. Garvy on the city’s northwest side, has been a wonderful place for my children to grow and learn.   Our teachers, administrators and staff are dedicated and caring. Our parents are involved and engaged.  Our students are learning and thriving.

Positive school stories

Hope everyone has had a great first week of school! While continuing to advocate for things that need to be improved upon system-wide, RYH is also going to be sharing more positive things happening at neighborhood schools this year.

Principals form new group in Chicago to work on policy issues

Principals Hosting Forum on Thursday 8/21

A group of principals have formed a group to work on policy and legislative issues.

They’re holding a forum moderated by Terry Mazany on successful school systems on 8/21 at UIC. Get tickets here:

Check out their website :AAPLE:

Catalyst covers it here:

July 2014 Board of Ed Testimony: Budget Vote

Testimony given to Board of Education 7/23/14 by Jennie Biggs, RYH Board Member, CPS parent of 3

Infographic on school expansion (attached) showing CPS opened 21,281 new seats over past 3 years shared with BOE


Presentation from our 7/14 Budget meeting

CPS has released the FY2015 budget. Hearings are coming up on July 16.

Have questions about how to find your school budget? Wondering how neighborhood schools are being impacted? Do the priorities of the district match your priorities? 

Get informed and take an active role in advocating for improved public education for all.

The presentation from RYH's all-schools meeting held on Monday 7/14 at Eckhart Park is attached. 

CPS will hold all three of their hearings on Wednesday 7/16. Registration is at 5pm; the meeting is from 6pm-8pm.

CPS Releases Proposed FY2015 Budget

CPS Releases 2015 Budget

Despite claims of “keeping cuts away from the classroom” CPS neighborhood high schools will see big cuts to their budgets next fall. In addition, Catalyst reports that “welcoming” schools will see an average 5% cut and charters will see a gain of $43 million as the district continues to open more charter schools in the fall.  

CPS will be voting on this budget on July 23rd and will have budget hearings (which they haven’t announced yet) sometime before this date.

RYH presents analysis of class size data for 2014 to the Chicago Board of Education: Finds that 34.5% of K-2 students are in homerooms at or above 29 students

With the 2013-14 school year officially over, the issue of CPS budget cuts and unfunded mandates continues to loom, as schools struggle to work with insufficient budgets for 2014-15. 

Pasi Sahlberg's Answers to Unasked Questions

We had more questions than we had time to ask at Pasi Sahlberg's talk about  high-quality education on 26 April. Dr. Sahlberg graciously agreed to answer them by email afterward:

How does Finland gauge student learning? Do they randomly sample a small set of students for standardized tests, have occasional testing, or just the one high school exam?


Increase Per Pupil Funding - Sign Our Petition

Sign our petition to increase per pupil funding. Schools are being asked to do more next fall without the funding to make it happen. Daily PE and increased arts are great goals but can't be done without the money to make it happen. We need sustainable and improved funding so that all children in Chicago can have access to a well-rounded education.



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