Statement on Springfield's refusal to pass CPS pension payment delay bill

6-23-15: Today the House failed to support a 6-week pension delay bill that both the CPS and CTU supported and the pension fund does not oppose and that would have allowed CPS to delay making their full pension payment until August. Even though this is not an ideal situation, we support this bill in conjunction with sustainable revenue from both the state and city. If the bill doesn't pass this month, it could harm CPS's credit rating and thereby magnify CPS's fiscal woes.

School Year 2014-2015 Wrap up!

We accomplished a lot together this year! Thanks to all of our volunteers who played a huge part in these accomplishments. Here's some of what we did this year:

-- Helped open up a discussion in Springfield about the impact that the overuse and misuse of standardized testing is having on the classroom and passed an opt-out bill in the House with a subject matter hearing in the Senate 

---Broadened our parent network to include many parents outside of Chicago in numerous districts

Join a Budget Squad this summer!

CPS faces a serious budget deficit again this year, but as we've stated there are many solutions to solving this and making sure that our classrooms do not receive cuts this fall.

Will CPS cut some of their unnecessary contracts? Will the city and state work together to make sure that our schools have the revenue they need to avoid cuts? 

We'll be doing some work this summer to ensure that our schools are not further harmed by budget cuts. Sign up here if you want to help in this effort.

City Club of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools: What Next?


Thu, 06/18/2015 -
11:30am to 2:00pm


Maggiano's Banquets
111 W. Grand Avenue
60608 Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US

RYH's Executive Director, Wendy Katten, joins Jitu Brown, Lauren Fitzpatrick, and Sarah Karp to discuss recent CPS events and discuss the direction of public education in Chicago.

To register or to read more about the panelists:


Maggiano's Banquets
111 W. Grand Avenue
60608 Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US

Solutions to CPS Budget Crisis

CPS has a serious deficit but there ​are solutions. There should be no talk ​of bankrupt​cy​ or a School Finance Authority​,​ which would likely make ​severe cuts and raise class sizes, as ​one​ did in the ​19​80s.
We need a multi-pronged​ set of solutions​,​ and we’ve come up with many levers that can be pulled to solve this crisis. Share the attached PDF document with your​ friends and elected officials. List of flagged contracts for review.

RYH Statement on new CPS Board Appointments - 6/3/15

We have a lot of concerns about the process used to select new members of the Board of Education. Mayor Emanuel, on his recent election, pledged to be a listener, a collaborator with the community. What happened to that promise? There has been no explanation of who these new CPS Board members are, why they were chosen, and what specific education expertise they would bring to the table. 

Parents testify in support of district schools at 5/27/15 BOE meeting

Testimony from Roberta Salas, LSC Chair for Murphy Elementary

I was going to list to you all the wonderful things that are happening at Murphy, my neighborhood school with a Level 1+ rating, but instead, I’ve just made copies of it because I don’t have enough time. (I distributed a double sided sheet listing great things happening at the school.)

Small magical moments are happening every day at neighborhood district run schools.

$1.1 Billion Deficit + 32 New Schools = CPS Plan?

Per IL law, CPS must issue a Request for Proposals for new schools every year. Currently, there are 20 proposals for new charter school locations in Chicago as well as 12 proposals for alternative schools. There is a complete list of submitted proposals AND their proposed targeted communities as well as links to the proposals themselves. These schools, if approved, would open in the Fall of 2016 or 2017.

Since 2012, CPS enrollment has dropped by over 7,000 students.

Parents testify at April 2015 CPS BOE meeting

7 parents testified this month about the need for CPS to invest in district run schools. CPS just recieved proposals to open another 9 charters with 32 campuses. Jennie Biggs of RYH shared our infographic showing there are over 12k empty seats in existing charter schools. Given the budget crisis and enrollment decline at our district, we find it financially irresponsible to keep opening more schools.

Some parent testimonies:

Belding, LSC rep Lynn Ankney


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