Another Unelected BOE Meeting: Our Statements, September 2016

Another month, another unelected Board of Education meeting. Here's what we had to say.

Jennie Biggs, CPS Parent and RYH Board Member, spoke on behalf of RYH. Here is her statement:

Many LSC members are reporting tears at their meetings this week because they don’t know how their schools will run:

You cut $179M from district run schools this summer.

NOW, 306 schools will lose an additional $25M because of the HUGE enrollment drop: 13,800 students left!

Special Education Info: Lots of Changes this Year- Things to Look Out For, Fall 2016

A group of parents with children in special education have compiled this list for fellow parents:

1. We are hearing that some students in early childhood ed who receive busing or paraprofessional support are losing services in IEP revisions. Parents can fight this, but it's important that they do so within 10 days of the IEP meeting.

What can you do? Email us for more info on this: and we can connect you to a resource to help.

CPS School Budgets Still A Concern- Here's an infographic to learn more!

We are thrilled to announce a new 501c4 organization to advocate for better education policy at the city and state level: Raise Your Hand Action!

RYH Action will build on the six plus years of education, research and outreach work accomplished by IL Raise Your Hand.

Learn more about this new venture on their website.

RYH Statements at CPS FY17 Budget Hearings

Budget hearings were sparsely attended this year, with the operating budget hearings held downtown during daytime hours instead of in the community in the evening, as done in past years.

RYH spoke at all 3 hearings. Here are the testimonies:

Wendy Katten, Raise Your Hand Director, at the CPS FY17 Operational Budget Hearing, August 19, 2016

My name is Wendy Katten and I’m speaking on behalf of RYH for IL Public Education.

CPS Budget Hearings This Week

There are a number of CPS budget hearings this week with capital budget hearings at 3 schools Wednesday evening and operating budget hearings at CPS headquarters on Friday during the day. The operating budget hearings have been in the community after work hours in the past but this year, the Sun-Times reports that "CPS defended the Friday daytime budget hearings, saying that they accommodate the schedules and availability of board members “to ensure a robust community input ahead of the Board vote later this month.”


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